“Working as a pharmacist, standing on my feet most of the day, Beatrice gave me the information how to eat right for the long hours and a strength program that keeps me strong.”

- EF, Santa Monica, CA

Personalized eating, lifestyle and fitness plans for better health.


As your nutritionist, I am here to help you make long-term changes to your eating pattern and nutritional intake. I don't support short-term solutions such as fad diets; low-fat, low carbohydrate, high protein diets, or fad diets that focus on one particular food, such as grapefruit or cabbage. These diets lack major nutrients, such as dietary fiber, carbohydrates, as well as certain vitamins, minerals and protective phytochemicals. If you do not receive the proper amounts of these nutrients, you will develop serious health problems later in life. Some common claims these diets make include blaming particular hormones for weight gain, suggesting that food can change body chemistry, or touting or banning a particular food. However, they all have one thing in common: They offer only a temporary solution to what for many people is a lifelong problem. Once the diet is stopped, the lost weight is usually regained quickly, since none of the diets teach behavior modification.

As your supportive nutrition coach, I will develop a nutrition plan based on your goals and your lifestyle. We will address not only what you eat, but also when and how you eat throughout the day, because this affects your energy level, your weight and your metabolism. While you make the necessary nutritional changes, I will provide strategies for overcoming obstacles.

After your goals are achieved, whether they include weight loss, cholesterol lowering, managing menopause, or just learning how to eat right, I will monitor you by setting our appointments every 3-4 months for moral support and to keep you the right track. Maintaining new eating habits over the long term takes effort. Continuing to see me a few times a year helps you deal with lapses when they occur, not after they accumulate.


Prior to your initial consultation you will be asked to complete an in-depth health questionnaire and a 3-day food diary.

During the first consultation (of approximately 90 minutes)

  • Your medical and family history, diet and lifestyle will be reviewed
  • Various factors affecting your health and well-being will be explained
  • A nutritional program and, possibly, lifestyle changes will be recommended
  • I will design an appropriate exercise/workout plan tailored to your needs
  • The use of nutritional supplements will be discussed

I am constantly reading and investigating the most up-to-date research developments in nutrition and health. Working with you as your nutritionist, I can give you practical advice that's based on the latest scientific evidence.

My recommendations are easy to follow and will be customized to fit into your everyday life. Along with the motivation and positive support I will provide, you will be able to follow through and effectively achieve your goals.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment.